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Dear Traveller-Photographer


During our photo tours we discover the world through photography. Our planet is probably the most diverse in the universe and you can travel through it for years with a camera in your hand (or better – on a tripod). A sunrise overlooking the high peaks of the Caucasus (as pictured on the front page) can be as delightful as the beautifully lit park bench next to your home. Each such encounter with the Light sensitizes us and makes us artists to a greater extent.

We are on our photo tours for pleasure, so we ensure a good standard of our travels. We have private transport at our disposal and – where possible – we stay in good hotels or guesthouses. We sleep in tents in exceptional situations, when it helps to reach some spectacular place at the best time. 

  • 60+ photo tours & workshops so far
  • hundreds of sunrises and sunsets in magical places 
  • great atmosphere created by people sharing a common passion
  • many of my customers-friends returning for their next trips
  • new locations, away from the photographic highways
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