millenium of experience 🙂

No, I didn't photograph Roman emperors...

… just started in the last millenium and it is still a source of joy for me and a path to self-realization.

My name is Sławomir Adamczak.

Travel, photography, writing – this is how you can summarize my passions and my entire professional career. I am lucky to be able to connect the former with the latter. I have been travelling, photographing and writing since the last millenium. In fact, I have over twenty years of experience in writing travel guidebooks and about ten years in running photography tours. 

And I still want more

There are so many places to see and so many photographs to be made. Preferably those that no one has made yet. I love discovering new lands, but also new places in the well-known ones. I prepare all trips personally, travelling around the region and checking photographic locations. It’s great felling to find a new beautiful place and then show it to other photographers. While admiring the Nature together, we experience it more. I like people and I like to see their joy when shooting. For this reason I started the S.A. Photo Tours & Books Agency.

From hermit to guide

When I wrote guidebooks, I was living like a hermit. Long weeks in travel, often alone, and then even longer at the computer. It’s a great and rewarding job, but it requires specific character traits. I remember that while working on the guide to the Giant Mountains walking trails I uttered no more than a hundred words during the whole week. It was just off season and there was nobody to talk to. 

This is one of the reasons why I started leading tours. Man is a herd creature and feels better in the company of other people. In other words – I would rather travel and photograph with you than without you.